Wake Me Up Inside (Myself in Blue, #2)

Available for Pre-order NOW!

Millions of thanks to Nicole Iwasaki, who authorized me to use her picture on my cover. She looks just like the Melodie Chapman Morning I’ve imagined in my mind. She’s not just beautiful, she’s also a very talented artist! Find Nicole: Facebook; Instagram; Tumblr


Release date: November 14th, 2014.

Special Pre-order Price: $0.99

After a devastating junior year, Melodie Chapman Oshiro-Morning changed so much she’s now a pariah at school. Everyone thinks she is a slut, but she just needs to see how much in control she can be, because when she wasn’t, Stephan turned her into his puppet. She also misses Linda, her ex best-friend, whom she trusted more than anyone else in the world, and chose the worst moment to make the worst confession. Mel’s just going through the motions until graduation. Sleeping inside herself, her only hope  of waking up is to join the army after high school and become the soldier she’s always dreamed to be.

Dylan Mackenzie’s life hasn’t been easier either. His mother just got sentenced to mandatory rehab, so now Dylan and his brother have to move and live with their father, who stayed out of their lives for the past seven years. Dylan has pretty much raised himself and Simon, never able to count on either of his parents, but now he has to relinquish power to a man he can’t really respect.

Once a renowned doctor, their father lost everything to drugs–including his license. Now he’s a janitor at a private school, at least earning a scholarship for his sons. All Dylan wants is to focus on becoming the best doctor he can, as fast as possible, so he can take Simon–and himself–out from under their parents’ influence. He doesn’t have time for drama, for dates, or for girls.

But then Melodie walks into his life, and he may not have the self control to resist her. Is Dylan just what Melodie needs to wake her up?

Wake Me Up Inside is book 2 in the Myself in Blue Series. Even though it can be read as a standalone, this novel makes several references that can be spoilers if you haven’t read the other books beforehand. Therefore, it may be better to read the books in order.




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