Coming soon – Interviews and Spotlights!


Okay, so I’m editing My sore Hush-a-bye (with my great editors), working on covers with my artist/model/daughter  Maria, writing Myself in blue, marketing Mean, and still have a day job and my English students. Phew!  Seems like a lot? It is, but aren’t we all more or less in the same boat? 😀

However, with all that, I’m not having much time to blog. Not as much as I wanted at least.

So I thought I could use my space here to play the matchmaker, introducing readers to some great authors.

I put together questions I’ve always wanted to ask, and I’m honored to have some terrific writers answering them right now. Soon I’ll post my first interview here.

Readers, please stay tuned!

  • If you’re an author and want to be interviewed and spotlighted here, just contact me:




Query or self-publish? Make an informed decision.

Maybe you’re debating on it now, imaging what route is the best for you… Well, to make an informed decision, you should read a lot about the subject– and there are loads to read about it, believe me. So I decided to compile here some great articles I’ve been reading on the matter to make this process a little easier.

Edit- new links:

Please, feel free to add other relevant links on the comments section. And tell us your decision: are you going to query or self-publish your next (or first) book?

Well, I wish us all the best of luck, whatever decision we make!