Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Round Two Entrants Announced!

So I decided to enter Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest this year with My Sore Hush-a-Bye. (which, by the way, is only U$ 0,99 until this Friday, March 21!!)

I had amazing help from great and generous writers on this thread, and ended up with this pitch (boy, how maddening it is to write a pitch!):

Ever since her mother left Camille in Uncle Bob’s care with a short note, she has been kept locked inside. In this throwback world, Uncle Bob’s her only companion, breaking her the way he wants: old music, old movies, and the weird games he likes to play. Convinced by his claims of love and protection, she learned to love and accept this sheltered life, letting him become her whole world. 
Now a teenager, her desires to leave the house and be free are long gone, but Uncle Bob seems tired of her; she’s too old for everything, and he rarely plays with her anymore.  
Terrified, she’s sent to public school, facing brutal bullying and feelings of inadequacy. The only bit of hope is a thirteen-year-old girl who apparently enjoys her company and doesn’t look down on her clothes, her hair, her black skin; Ashley. Despite her fears, Camille starts a friendship. Then Ashley goes missing, and the guilt of perhaps knowing what happened is unbearable.  
Albeit replaced and not loved anymore, she’s still loyal to Uncle Bob, staying silent until he hits her for the first time. After eight years of seclusion, she’ll have to rethink everything and maybe find help. Finally allowing herself to think about her mother again, somehow she will have to find the strength to do the right thing.  
Is it possible to wake up after so long, understand what really happened to her, to Ashley, to her mother? Is it possible to overcome so much? 
MY SORE HUSH-A-BYE touches some dark and heart-wrenching themes, wishing they only existed in fiction. Unfortunately, many kids are suffering like Camille, and the novel tries to give a voice to those helpless children.

I liked it so much I actually changed my blurb at Amazon by a shorter, less revealing version of the pitch. And how surprised was I this morning, downloading the PDF with the top entries from my category – General Fiction, and finding my name in the ‘R’ section? Well, this much:




That’s it! My Sore Hush-a-Bye made it!From 10.000 pitches, only 2.000 made it through, and mine was one of them. I guess I can be pretty proud of myself, and immensely grateful to the help I found on the Pitch thread. I’d never made it without the advice I got there. Thank you so much. And congratulations to all who passed too. To those who didn’t, keep writing, please. There’s so much talent on you all, and your stories need to be told.

Now it’s time to drink all the tea I can find to calm down and wait for April 14, when the Top 500 (Semi-Finalists) will be announced.

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P.S. – On a side note, I’m never posting anymore because I’m writing like crazy (well, when the bursitis allow it :D) and Myself in Blue’s first draft is finished and in revision right now! Soon I’ll post more about it here.


My Sore Hush-a-Bye: The Kindle Book Review’s 2013 Best Indie Book Awards Semifinalist!

I’’m not having much time to blog lately, but even if I had, I probably wouldn’’t. That’’s because I have Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and bursitis in both my arms and shoulders so typing causes some pain.

Actually, sometimes it causes a hell of pain…

But it’’s a manageable condition, meaning that, as long as I don’t use my arms much, or use them with caution, it doesn’’t hurts that much. I’’ve had to take a lot of painkillers last month –which I hate– but I really had no option. I’m feeling better today, however, so I decided to finally post something new.

Well, I had unbelievably good news on July 1st, and still didn’’t brag about share with you.. My Sore Hush-a-Bye is one of The Kindle Book Review’s 2013 Best Indie Book Awards Semifinalist!!!!! Check it out: (Category – Literary Fiction)


I couldn’’t believe my eyes either. I’’m still so, so happy.

You know when people say at the Oscars that it was such an honor just being nominated, and that it didn’’t matter if they win or not? And then we always think… ‘Yeah, right!’ Well, I finally understand. It is true. It’’s so crazy just being nominated, just being there with other amazing books as a semifinalist, that I really get them.

I’’m not even dreaming about passing to the final 5 finalists (there’s some serious competition, check out the other semifinalists!), but reading my book’’s name on July first was already a prize to me. Seriously.

So now it’’s waiting time, until September, when they’’ll announce the finalists.

I want to thank some people so much. People that encouraged me in my writing, and gave me reason to believe My Sore Hush-a-Bye stood a chance in this competition. A lot of people, actually, but especially Becky, Chasity, Maria and Martha. You are amazing, and there aren’’t enough words in my humble vocabulary to thank you. Be sure you all have a designed spot in my heart!

Meanwhile, I’m still ‘working on a new novel called Myself in Blue’. It will happen, someday, but of course, it’’s difficult with the typing-pain problem… I haven’’t been able to write much, but the story is in my head. It will eventually come out. I already have the cover though! Maybe I’’ll share it in my next post. 🙂