Authors: is your book going to be Free this Friday and/or Saturday? Let’s cross-promote!

As you may know (since I can’t stop bragging about it :D) my book Mean, a psychological thriller novelette is Book of the Month on, with other two amazing books.

To celebrate I decided to use my two last promo days this week. It may be the last chance to grab your free copy, since I won’t renew with KDP Select program.

Mean is going to be free to download on Amazon from September 07 (Friday) to September 08 (Saturday).  Mark it on your calendar:

To help spread the word, I’d love to cross promote with you, fellow author, who’s going to offer your book free on the same day. Since my book is a thriller, I thought of  other thriller books to promote together, but other genres can apply.

So, if you want to join me on it, use the contact form bellow, and let’s work together!

PS – Dear readers, please remember to ‘like’ the books you download for free, and maybe leave a review if you have the time… It makes an author’s day!!


Query or self-publish? Make an informed decision.

Maybe you’re debating on it now, imaging what route is the best for you… Well, to make an informed decision, you should read a lot about the subject– and there are loads to read about it, believe me. So I decided to compile here some great articles I’ve been reading on the matter to make this process a little easier.

Edit- new links:

Please, feel free to add other relevant links on the comments section. And tell us your decision: are you going to query or self-publish your next (or first) book?

Well, I wish us all the best of luck, whatever decision we make!