Myself in Blue (Myself in Blue, #1)

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NewEbook-Cover_300dpiRelease: June, 2014.  Myself in Blue: part romance, part family saga, set in 1989.

Romance, redemption, and psychedelic rock in 1989.

Sunday Morning is nineteen and recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She finds it fair: a deathly cancer to pay for her sins.

The fourth of five daughters, Sunday could never overcome the jealousy she felt for her sisters, especially the youngest and her Rett Syndrome with all the attention she required. She knows her resentment and rebellion as a wayward teen brought tragedy to her family, but never learned exactly the extent. Self-exiled in Brazil living a hard life of penitence for five years, she finally feels it’s possible to come back and try to mend things.

Scott Goodwin writes bestseller biographies and always dreamed of writing about his idol, Grandma’s Eye’s vocalist, Iris Morning. The singer and her husband, Douglas Oshiro, have been reclusive since 1984, when their famous psychedelic rock band announced a surprising halt. Scott is thrilled when Iris finally agrees to let him write the book and even more so when she explains why. She hopes the bio will help finding her daughter Sunday and rebuild her shattered family.

It is Sunday, however, who finds Scott. Still too mortified to face her family, she offers her story to Scott in exchange for inside information about them. Scott has no idea how intensely the deal will change their lives when he agrees.

Through her own family’s history, from the first Oshiros and Mornings, WWII impact on her ancestors and the struggle to form the band despite Iris’ abusive stepfather—the chain of events that led to the band’s success, the birth of a new generation, and the night that changed everything—Scott will try to show Sunday that nobody is perfect, and perhaps everything happens for a reason.

Sunday and Scott may not have much time, with her diagnosis and the fact that she doesn’t feel worthy of redemption, but he will not give up easily. Scott has become Sunday’s only link to the past, and perhaps her only chance to have a future. 


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Format:Kindle Edition
I received a copy of this book free of charge and assisted the author as a professional proofreader, but even if I had not, I would have bought this book anyway. I loved hertwoprevious novelsandwas excited for the third. I’ve read this book a total of three times and I loved every minute of it. Renata is clearly a talented author, and I look forward to her works to come!First and foremost, Myself in Blue is about family, and how in even the best of circumstances, things can go terribly wrong. Sunday Morning is a character who never felt as though she belonged, and whena culmination of events takes place that leads her thousands of miles away from her family in Brazil, she believes she will never see them again. However, fate seems to lead her back to San Fransisco, where she meets Scott Goodwin, a biography writer who will help mend the divisions between the Morning family, reuniting them and saving them in the process.But the book is so much more than what I described. It is also a historical saga which explores life after World War II, and the Japanese internment camps that are such a dark and under-explored area of American history. It is clear that the author thoroughly researched the topic and is passionate about the subject. Myself in Blue is a beautifully written, sometimes funny and heartbreaking tale of love, and it teaches us that it’s never too late to mend the past and build a new future.
5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic read 5 stars ***** June 22, 2014

By becky
Format:Kindle Edition
*** possible spoiler alert ***I have read all of this author’s books and have always rated between 4.5 – 5 stars so when I saw her new release I couldn’t wait to get started on it. I loved her other books and when I read the synopsis for this one it is a completely different genre toherprevious work but it piqued my interest. Renata is an extremely talented writer so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.I will try not to spoilt the story with this review.Myself in Blue is written in a clever style that I have never come across before. it is based around Sunday Morning (yes that is the character’s name but as the story progresses you realise why this is such a fitting name for the character). Sunday is one of five daughters to Iris and Douglas Oshiro-Morning. Sunday is the fourth born and is bitter about the fact her parents went on to have one final daughter.

Sunday was raised in a privileged environment as her parents are members of a very successful band. Her parents are about as perfect as you can get but this is not enough for Sunday she resents her younger sister so much it consumes her.

When Sunday is a teenager something so horrific happens that she has to flee, she leaves the country and returns years later, this is where the story unfolds.

Sunday wishes to be reunited with her family but is so afraid of rejection that she seeks help from writer Scott who is currently working with Iris on her biography, this is where the book gets clever, as a reader I was treated to lots of different back stories for the characters. They are told by tape recordings Scott has made and also letters certain characters have written to each other.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, evocative coming of age novel June 17, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Even in the best of families, growing up is often hard. Sunday Oshiro-Morning is the 4th daughter of two flower children who became overnight stars, sensation singing artists and founding members of the hottest band of their generation. Their gentle parenting style works with the first three girls, but from a very early age, Sunday is strong willed, jealous, and needs more than her family can give. She is a nasty little girl, who becomes even more challenging when the fifth daughter is born with special needs. The fifth daughter requires parental focus and enormous attention and Sunday feels betrayed and angry. As she grows up, the problems become more and more pronounced, until at the age of 15, she is the catalyst for a disaster so terrible that it tears her apart to the point where she believes she can never return home. Is that true? What happened on that horrible December night? What could have been so terrible that Sunday lives among the poor in another country under an assumed name? Can she ever come home?
Barcelos has continued to develop her talent since her debut novel, Mean. Myself in Blue is beautiful, well developed with characters who we don’t want to leave at the end of the book. The writer creates the mystery beautifully, but the real fun and beauty of the book is in the backstory and the psychological tension that drives the family drama and the individual characters. Read this book! I promise that you will be delighted but ‘warning’: it will leave you wanting more.

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