Must Remember, Must Let it Go (Myself in Blue #3)

Expected Publication: 2015


Cover Original Photographs by Manfred Antranias Zimmer

Carolina Lima and Ethan Wilkes have gone on only three dates but already they feel a strong connection. Carolina’s expansive manners sometimes conflict with Ethan’s reserved demeanor, but it’s clear that their relationship can work out and turn into something serious soon.

Carolina left Brazil twelve years ago to study in the United States and never went back. She made her life in San Francisco, where she has friends, a goddaughter, and a brilliant career as an endocrinologist.

A soldier all his adult life, Ethan has a full collection of war images and memories to keep him awake at night and silent than most during the day. Ever since he left military life two years ago, he’s been working hard to forget what he saw in Iraq and Kosovo and reintegrate with society. Carolina seems like his best chance to have a normal life again.

And then, by chance, they find themselves at the worst place, at the worst time: September eleventh, 2001, at the Twin Towers.

In the aftermath of the attacks Carolina looks for Ethan and helps a young girl who got lost from her mother, while Ethan is trying to find them. With his training, he feels compelled to help and save as many people as he can before even thinking of leaving the Tower. Especially, he will try to find the little girl whose mother he guided to the paramedics.

The impacts of that day will pile up heavily on Ethan’s shoulders, dismantling all of his recent therapy. Dealing with her own trauma, Carolina will have to find the strength to help Ethan open up. They will both have to learn that even though they must remember, they must also learn how to let it go.



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