March 8 – How about a “Human Race Day” instead?

It’s been a long, long while since my last post, I know. And I’m sorry, but life’s been crazy lately, and I always choose spending time with my daughter than on the web every time a decision has to be made, so…

Anyway, today I feel that I have to post. Because it’s the infamous (for me) international women’s day. Ha!

I wish to explain why I feel so sad every year when people come to congratulate me for this day. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how such a day still exist. It’s 2013 and we are still splitting HUMANS into categories, and trying to diminish one over another.

I refuse to be congratulated, to receive any advantage or gift, for something that I didn’t work for. I am a woman, so what? I am also white, so what? Discrimination, as I see, is not just for bad things; even if the intention seems sweet, it’s still a different treatment, pure and simple. And every time one decide to discriminate someone for the way he or she was born, something very wrong is about to happen.

I don’t want any kind of different treatment just because I happened to be born a woman. We are all humans, and as long as we keep having ‘days’ to talk about parts of the human race as if they were a different, special kind–again, something is very wrong.

We must reach a point when we can talk just about humans. When violence and prejudice will be discussed because they harm the human race, not just women. Every person has the right to be treated equally, no matter how he or she was born, and it’s about time we start fighting for human dignity, for human rights. We must all be together, not divided into separated fields, men against women.

I know I may sound radical and not many people will agree with my point of view, but it really breaks my heart that society still tries to convince women that they are different – it’s not genetically disposed that all women should like make-up, flowers and pink stuff. Come on, we are all individuals, and every person has his or her own way in life. The way things are showed one starts to believe that just because she doesn’t like high heels she’s not a woman, or just because he doesn’t like football, he’s not a man. As if we should all be classified and categorized to fit. Again, we are all humans, all the same kind of animal, but with personal tastes, and individuality. Not because of gender or color, but because each one of us has a different brain, a different soul.

Like Dr. Martin Luther King, I had a dream. About a day when we will not have special days for any groups, but every day for all people!


2 responses to “March 8 – How about a “Human Race Day” instead?

  1. I’m with you Renata. We are all human and should all be treated as human. Trouble is not everybody conforms to that belief and still treat women as 2nd class citizens or worse in some communities. I want to see women instated as fully equal to men in ALL societies. Maybe then I can try for my World Hugs Day again so we can start celebrating the differences between our societies instead of fearing them and I maintain it’s not easy to hug with a weapon in your hands.
    Maybe if we all try extra hard we can become One World and start looking after each other instead of looking for new ways to kill one another. I’m always open to hugs if anyone’s interested. xx Hugs xx

    • We shall never stop trying, David. One day we’ll all be treated as humans, I hope.

      Let’s start the World Hugs Day now – Many, many hugs from Brazil! 🙂

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