Spotlight on H.C.Elliston – Interview with British thriller author

I’m absolutely thrilled to post my first interview. Even more that it’s with H.C.Elliston, who’s not only an amazing writer with three chilling  thrillers published, but also a very kind person who supports other Indie Authors on her gorgeous official website.

Plus, she’s a vegetarian, just like me and my daughter! Go veggies! 😀

So, let’s learn more about her!

Please, tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from Cheshire, UK, but live in West Yorkshire where I share my home with my fiancé and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, just streets away from my fiancé’s lovely children. I run a small ‘pet art’ business from home, selling to customers worldwide, and do some part-time admin for my parents’ business.  I am a trustee for a local animal rescue charity ‘Campnibble’. I have been a vegetarian since I was ten years old, love reading, and then curling up with my dogs on an evening watching a film to unwind.  I am an independent author with three published novels (I write romantic suspense and action thrillers) and am about to start writing my fourth.  It’s not been an easy journey.  The whole thing gives me a buzz at times, but there have been as many downs as ups.  I have a huge passion for writing, and unless that changes, I will keep going and keep challenging myself.

How long have you been writing?

Since about 2007, perhaps a little longer. (it feels longer)

Do you remember the first story you wrote?

I wrote two books before writing Tick Tock Run.  I class them as a learning curve and they will never see the light of day because they‘re terrible and I’d have to hide under a pillow with embarrassment.

Can you tell us two eccentricities about yourself?

Wow… ummm…Our dogs sleep in bed with us (although they probably think we share their bed) and I have a weakness for hot chilli sauce, dressing gowns and handbags.

What was the best thing you’ve ever heard (or read) from a reader?

In regards to me?  A lovely email I received a month ago from a reader saying she loved my work and was encouraging me to keep going.  I was delighted that she took the time to message me with such positive comments followed by a review on Amazon – it really made me smile.

Do you have a good Indie author to recommend?

I know quite a few and they write in a variety of genres.  But I’ll keep this down to two names.  For paranormal romance I’d recommend Brenda Dyer’s Love’s Prophecy, and for historical romance/Christian fiction I’d recommend Rachelle Ayala’s Michal’s Window.  Both are engaging and well written.

Who inspired and/or supported you to become a writer?

Just reading entertaining books in general inspired me, but when I first started writing it was really just a hobby, another creative outlet.   I never expected that it would consume me, or that years later I’d have three books released.

And support?  Well apart from family, I’d have to say my fiancé because he is the one who has had to put up with me daily while my head is buried in writing.  Until the start of this year, I used to write books and also run my art business from the dining room which is central in our house.  It reached a point when I was unable to carry on working in the room that was essentially the hub of our house.  I couldn’t  concentrate while my fiancé and children (although I love them to bits) chatted, made food or watched TV in the room that I worked in, let alone fit in all my art equipment and stock while keeping the room free of trip hazards.  And so my fiancé agreed to switch the living room and dining room around so that I could have an office.  The only other option was to make his children share a bedroom when they stay at weekends, but I really didn’t want to do that to them as everyone likes to have their own space.   Switching rooms!  Jeez… that was a day!  We had to ask a friend to help us lift the sofas over the back garden fence because there wasn’t enough of a turning circle in the hall to fit them through the door!  It is wonderful to now have a private space to work, I can leave my art equipment out overnight, have notes all over my desk and no one sees the mess, but we no longer have a dining room so have to eat with plates on our knees!

Do you have a WIP (Working in progress)? If so, can you tell us a little about it?

I am currently bouncing ideas around for my fourth book.  Nothing is fixed yet, but I’ll probably start writing the opening chapters within the next month.  After releasing a book, I tend to have a little break from writing, but soon start itching to get back to it.

What is your favorite of your books? Why?

My favourite is my latest book SHIVER SWEET.  I think it’s because I feel like it has a more equal balance of suspense, action and romance.  Plus, I enjoyed the idea of how creepy it would be to discover your life was on the internet, and the heartache of being forced to give up the love of your life.

What is your favorite of your characters? Why?

My favourite character is Christa from Shiver Sweet.  I like her attitude as she struggles to juggle everything in her life as a single mum, she is loyal, puts others first, never gives up and tries to stay positive.

Do you like to interact online? What’s your favorite social media?

I am active on both Facebook and twitter most days.  I love that it allows me to stay in touch with old friends and family (who are scattered all around the country) and to interact with people from all walks of life, all over the world, who I would not otherwise be in contact with.

How do you feel about marketing your books?

It can be fun, but also a grind and time consuming.  I have a day job and bills to pay like everyone else, I also need time to write and… to have a life outside of working.  I don’t want to thrust my books down people’s throats, but without a little marketing then no one would know my books exist because there are so many for readers to choose from.  It’s important to get a good balance.

Please, give us all your links – where can your readers find you and your books?

My website:

Twitter: @HCElliston


Thanks for the questions.  I appreciate your time and support!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, H.C.! Loved the answers!

And readers, don’t go anywhere! Stay tuned for next interview on Saturday.

  • If you’re an author and want to be in my spotlight, contact me!

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