My last KDP Select Promo – Time to move on

From September 07 to September 08, my book “Mean: a psychological thriller novelette” was free to download on Amazon. I’m still a little tired after the marathon.

It was my last KDP Select Promo, since I won’t renew  with the program.

When you enroll your book on the program, you cannot sell o send for free your e-book anywhere else than on Amazon. Paperbacks are okay, but digital editions are exclusive. The two advantages you have in return are Amazon Prime lending programme and the 5 days free promo.

I haven’t got many borrows during my 90 days in the program. Well, I believe not many Amazon Prime members would use their only monthly borrow with a 50-page novelette, so that was expected… Maybe it works better for full length novels.

The free days gave me exposure. At least three reviews came from people who download it on free days. However, it’s preventing me from submitting my book to reviewers, (and I sure want to do that), to promote giveaways and simply to sell it wherever I want. So it’s done for me. Time to move on.

My 90 day period ends on September 18th, and I can’t wait. I have dozens of prospect reviewers to send my book to, and plan to publish through Smashwords.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me during my promo days, spreading the word in any way. Also, a special thank you to all people who downloaded ‘Mean’. I truly hope you enjoyed it.

If at least some of you take the time to leave a review, I’d be more than thankful. Never forget how much you can make an author’s day with a simple review.


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