A little about me


Yep, that’s me!

Renata F. Barcelos lives in Brazil with her teenager daughter, Maria, constantly complaining about the heat and dreaming of moving somewhere snowy.

She has a Law Degree, but promises never to use it. She prefers to study and teach languages and to write. Facing a three-hour daily commute, Renata uses this time to listen to audiobook after audiobook, plot, and write. Sometimes she hurts herself walking and writing at the same time–forgetting to look where she’s going.

Her characters usually don’t respect her wishes, taking the stories to places she never imagined they could go; she loves it when that happens.

Renata is always working on a new novel, and so far has published the books Mean, My Sore Hush-a-Bye, Merge, and the Myself in Blue series.



Read my books… Read my book… Read my books!



3 responses to “A little about me

  1. I feel bad for your characters! It’s lovely to meet a fellow author. Do you have any bits of your writing on this blog? I’d love to read some🙂


  2. Hi Vera! I’m glad you feel sorry for them, that was the plan!😀 I’ll post the first chapter of “My sore Hush-a-bye” here soon.
    Thank you for commenting, I’m going to check your blog now. It’s really great to connect to fellow authors.

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